Brazil Nikkei Bungaku Association was founded in 1966 and it is a non profitable organization, legally established, aiming in the beginning to promote the cultural activities in the area of literature and poetry in Japanese language and recently focusing the same activities but in Portuguese language to have more interaction and participation of the brazilian society and the Japanese-brazilian society. Atividades

1 – 25th Takemoto Literature Award - Winners

2 – Publication of 3rd special Edition about stories (japanese language)
Currently in the collecting and selection of the best stories to be published in 2008 in this 3rd Special Edition.

3 – Participation in the " 10o Festival do Japão "
from 20 to 22/7/2007 in Centro de Exposição Imigrantes - São Paulo - SP - Councourse Results - Winners

4 – Brazil Nikkei Bungaku Magazine No 29, 08/2008
Call for publication in the Magazine

5 –

26o Takemoto Literature Award
Call for Concourse